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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For Expert Lawn Care - Contact Lawn DoctorSpring Lawn Care Tips For A Perfect Summer Yard

It's time once again to plan your Spring lawn care regime. A new article from News-Record gives helpful lawn care hints for prepping a perfect yard, including lawn maintenance tips for mowers, fertilizers, weeds, soil testing, and seeding. Starting a natural lawn care program now can ensure many Summer months of backyard barbecues and family get togethers on a healthy green lawn you can be proud of. For more specialized lawn services contact your local lawn professionals and begin making the most of your outdoor environment.


It won't be long before you hear those lawn mowers being put to work. The arrival of spring is not far away, which means it's time to get that lawn back in shape. The main purpose of spring lawn care is to get the grass through the summer months. Cool-season grasses such as the fescues need to develop a strong root system in order to survive our summer heat and the often dry conditions.

Ideally, the best time to renovate a lawn would be in the fall, giving you 7 to 8 months to encourage strong roots before summer conditions. Starting lawn care in the spring only allows for a couple of months growth before our demanding environmental conditions.

Don't fret -- there are several practices that you can undertake this spring to make sure your lawn has the best chance.

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