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Monday, March 9, 2009

hamilton beach espresso maker
Bosses: Keep a Happy Brood With Well-Brewed Java

The economic meltdown is on everyone's mind these days. Employers are cutting corners and eliminating frills. Restaurants and catering services nationwide reported a significant year-on-year drop-off in private office parties during the 2008-2009 holiday season, and more employers are paying attention to how much they are spending on plastic-ware, paper plates, and other more expensive office perks.

But just because you're becoming more budget-conscious around the office, that's no reason to skimp on the most traditional office-perk of all: a piping hot cuppa Joe. If your employees are coffee drinkers, they look forward to that first cup every morning. Coffee wakes them up and keeps them alert during that late afternoon slump time. And if they don't get their morning coffee - well, let's just say you don't want a mutiny on your hands from a group of cranky Spork-wielding java addicts (Those things can put an eye out). Seen from this perspective, coffee is money well spent and brings good ROI.

In fact, if anything, you may want to trim those other costs and sink a little extra into improving your office coffee experience. Those lunchtime trips to professional coffee establishments are expensive, and your employees are becoming more cost-conscious just like you are.

Take a look at your current coffee maker -- you know, that black thing on the corner of the counter in the staff lounge sitting in a pile of grounds and bread crumbs and covered with little brown stains, replete with Pyrex decanter whose insides are filmed with an un-scrubbable layer of what we think is limestone. Bite the bullet and get some new brewing equipment. It is a relatively low-cost investment (Remember the ROI? Remember the Sporks?). We recommend going for not only a new coffee maker, but in order to replace your workers' expensive coffee-bar habits consider a professional espresso coffee maker as well.

Just remember this -- holiday parties come once a season, but coffee is all-year-long. We think a little extra in this department will help you maintain your image as a big spender despite the fact that we just ran out of Sporks.