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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Original Story: nydailynews.com

He’s a high-rolling matchmaker who loves to make his neighbors miserable.

Repulsive renter Richard Easton and his defecating dog turned a posh West Village condo into a hellhole over the last five weeks, leaving terrified neighbors cowering in their homes, a lawsuit charged Tuesday. A Warren eviction lawyer represents clients in a variety of landlord tenant cases.

Easton, who charges clients up to $100,000 for a love connection, wandered the building lobby naked from the waist down and demanded oral sex from a female employee, the suit charged.

Condo owner Elena Taranina said that was just the tip of the not-so-niceberg: Easton tossed knives at delivery people, ordered the staff to call him “Prince” — and let his dog poop all over the building roof.

“Easton’s activities are of such a nature that there is no telling when he might decide to verbally or physically attack someone, or to engage in vile or inappropriate conduct,” said Taranina in Manhattan Supreme Court documents. A Rochester landlord tenant lawyer is reviewing the details of this case.

Taranina is the owner of Apt. 2C in 166 Perry St., where the condos go for $3.5 million and up.

Neighbor Alexandra Danielson, 24, said she’s seen Easton wandering the lobby in his underwear and screaming at the doorman.

“I thought he must want to be like Charlie Sheen,” she said. “He’s crazy. We all hate him. We want him out.”

Easton dismissed the charges against him as “a trumped-up bunch of bulls---” and blamed his woes on a doorman who held a grudge over a late-night request for a cheeseburger.

The lawsuit charges Easton, who had a guest shot on “The Real Houswives of New York,” requested the snack while in the lobby with his genitals exposed. A Memphis sexual harassment lawyer is following this story closely.

“It’s a mistake,” insisted Easton. “All of the accusations are false. The whole thing is bogus ... I’m a good guy.”

Easton, who shares the apartment with two unidentified roommates, said he’s three months ahead on his $11,500-a-month rent.

The fifty-something Easton also insisted that he was 40 years old. And while he brags on his website about life as “an international playboy,” he has a pair of domestic violence convictions from prior relationships.

Taranina’s 10-page complaint says condo management “has spoken repeatedly to and written to Easton about his conduct” — but received no love in return. Ferndale garage door repair service is available at all hours of the day or nights to accommodate your emergency.

“The constant yelling, threats, violent outbursts and inappropriate behavior has continues to cause damage,” the lawsuit charged.

The lawsuit says building management hired a security guard at a cost of $1,800 a day because of Easton — and Taranina says they plan to pass the cost along to her.

Taranina has filed paperwork trying to secure his eviction by the end of September.