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Monday, July 30, 2012

Missouri Bomb Threats Close Walmarts

 Story first reported from Detroit Free Press
At least seven Walmarts across Missouri were evacuated this week because of bomb threats, KCTV reports.
Stores in Gladstone, Raytown, Nixa, Ozark, Jefferson City, St. Peters and Piedmont all received threats Friday evening.
Dan Fogleman, a spokesman for Walmart, told The Kansas City Star that any retail establishment may be subject to such an event. He added however that it was uncommon for so many to be threatened in one evening.
"We're concerned anytime someone makes a threat that may endanger our customers," Fogleman told the paper. "We're grateful that no one was injured and we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. We will work very closely with police in these jurisdictions."
It is unknown if police are investigating the threats as being connected, according to KCTV.
Recently, similar incidents have affected other parts of the country.
Two Walmart stores in Tulsa received bomb threats on the same day in June, The Kansas City Star reports.
Two Wal-Mart stores in Newton County, Ga., were closed for about three hours last month after a threat phoned into a 911 dispatch center said a bomb was planted in a Wal-Mart without identifying which one. No bomb was found.
In Detroit, recent bomb threats closed Detroit's Ambassador Bridge linking the city to Windsor, Ont.
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